” Amazing Mechanical Animals ” ( Steampunk kinetic art)

&39; piston free hybrid pendulum hot air engine

Inspired by a visit to the zoo, I am proud to show this latest Steampunk design evolution of my hobby.

"The amazing hot air machine of animals"

This is a hot air motor, where I use the Animal figure object for balance (pendulum).

The power piston drives the connecting rod for kinetic operation.
For good balance, I use the famous music cable for the correct displacement of the displacer

It seems that for a free piston engine it is very important that the power piston and the displacer move at a relative angle between 70 ° and 90 ° (the power piston of the power cylinder drives the oscillation of the displacer in this closed system) .

The engine works well with a wax lamp and a 20 w halogen bulb.
This halogen or wax lighting also creates a special magical effect for this machine.

I have also tried to give this heavy object a beautiful and elegant shape, considering it as
The futuristic object Steampunk Kinetic Art look, with the movement of the amazing animal figure in the center.

Year of creation: 2014

Materials: Brass and Bronze

Photographer / Video: Jos de Vink

Collaborators: no

Max dimensions: length: 65cm / width: 30cm / height: 70cm.

Source: mdevink

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