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And now is the time of our daily segment of art and culture. Good afternoon Yoonhee.
I understand that he has an exhibition that shows the art of a relatively newer artistic movement.

Good afternoon.
Yes, we are talking about the Steampunk artistic movement.
It has only existed for eight years, but it is growing rapidly.
Seoul houses one of the largest collections of steampunk art ever assembled.
I'm sure you're curious to know exactly what steampunk art is.
But for that, I think you'll have to see it for yourself to have a better idea.
We'll see.

Where the wild west meets the Victorian era … with a futuristic touch.
This is steampunk art … a relatively newer art form, but still, one that is not afraid to push the limits of the imagination.

"Steampunk came up eight years ago and exploded because of the Internet, artists had access to different works of art from around the world, Steampunk is simply mixing West with Victorian with the future."

Art Donovan is one of the forerunners in the steampunk realm.
In one of his first works, he recreates the astrolabe, one of the first navigation tools in the world.
Combined with the complexity of the work of the watch against the primitive aspect of the skull, the result is a work of art: steampunk art.

As one of the most complete collections of steampunk art so far, artists have come together from around the world to share their works.
Hard metals recall a scene from a science fiction movie, while the influences of ancient cultures are visibly present.
These works are all part of the steampunk art movement.

"I always loved motorcycles, but I wanted to create something different – originally, I did not intend to create a steampunk piece, I was inspired by the panther, a powerful animal, and then I started making each piece by hand." Including the chair stitched leather horse. I combined the mythological with science and technology and now, I think it has a bit of steampunk. "

Since it is still in its early stages of development, steampunk art has some surprises up its sleeve.
Some pieces are meant to be functional, while others are more like an accessory to a movie.
But that's what happens with Steampunk.
From all the different styles and media, steampunk art has an unbridled freedom, enjoyed by artists.

"Steampunk is an extremely messy process, it is laborious and you work with different types of media: wood, paper, metals, here you see the beautiful final product, but it does not look like that in the workshop."

Whether from the old Persian empire or the Industrial Revolution, steampunk art does not discriminate.
But the result is a vast extension of various works, fun for the viewer and fun for the artist.
The possibilities are practically unlimited with this new art form: only the future will tell what Steampunk has in store.

With all artistic movements, different countries respond differently.
But what about steampunk art?
How is it being received in Korea?

It has not yet become as popular as some of the more established artistic movements, but there is enthusiasm here in Korea.
In the gallery, nine Korean steampunk artists have works on display, which shows that steampunk is definitely taking hold in the Korean art community.

What about the future of steampunk art in Korea?
Is it something that is expected to expand?

The artist you just saw in the clip, Art Donovan, is an expert in steampunk.
He was telling me that he is also the biggest Steampunk fan.
He said that Korea is the perfect place for steampunk art because there is a respect and appreciation for the past, but there is still a sense of modernity … that's what the steampunk is about: mixing the past and the present with a touch of the future.

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