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It is a world where a vision of the past and the future collides. In view are steampunk works of art that combine scientific advances with the design aesthetics of the Victorian era. Notable works include: Harley Davidson from Pulsar Project (Greece), Golden Scientist from Park Jong-deok and The Look of Steampunk as Dominic & # 39; s Way from Song Hye-myeong.
The Steam Punk Art Exhibition, which harmonizes the analog perfume and the mechanical aesthetic of the Victorian era of the ninth century, was held at the Hangaram Art Museum.
The punk steam bike Harley-Davidson, designed by the Greek Pulsar Project, is a sculptor who introduced a machine to extract gold from motivating entrepreneurs to make a lot of money during the Victorian era of the 19th century. And steam punk styles of art introduced by artists of unique imagination, such as Song Hye-myeong, who sublimated steam punk art in wedding dresses and tuxedos.
[Fine Art]I can feel the different points of view of the writers of the world about the steam punk art that returned to the past in the arts, science, literature, technology, culture and history.

– Steam Funk Art I

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