How to safely take apart a brass clock movement for Steampunk art projects

In this video I go over how to safely disassemble old spring driven clock movements. There can be a great deal of stored energy in the springs and if you’re not careful you may end up making a trip to the ER.

The type of movement that I disassemble in the video has springs that are not in a barrel. They are open to the environment.

I show you the two springs that are present and their purpose in the clock. I also discuss the way to safely remove the spring tension without damaging the clock parts or yourself. Remember to always wear your steampunk safety goggles and gloves.

In the video you’ll see that you can allow the movement to unwind with your hands clear from danger. I show you the parts that you remove or modify to allow the gears to spin freely.

I also show how to remove the tension with a winding key. This is a slow process and takes time. I hope that you use this information to avoid injury and get lots of parts for you steampunk art projects.

Source: steampunknation

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