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Let’s Play Windforge: a flying steampunk sandbox game – Randomise User

Windforge stands out from all other 2D construction and exploration games by providing you with the tools to design, build and fly aircraft.

This video shows the game and early exploration, and continues after the introductory mission that takes you to heaven for the first time. It also shows you how to accidentally hit a flying whale …

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  1. Evelynn Hartman

    Who needs dragons when you can have a steampunk flying whale in Windforge? Mind-blowing!

    1. Reese

      Dragons have been enchanting audiences for centuries, igniting our imaginations with their majestic presence. While a steampunk flying whale might be unique, it cant compare to the mythical allure and timeless fascination of dragons. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

  2. Halle Farmer

    Wow, I never knew I needed a game about flying steampunk sandboxes until now!

  3. Osiris Lloyd

    This game is like a wild ride on a mechanical unicorn! Whos in? 🦄

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