DND Metal Dice Set | 8 High Definiton, Polyhedral Dice for RPG, Dungeons & Dragons | by Hexblade Gaming | Inc. 2 x D20…

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DESIGNED BY GAMERS, FOR GAMERS: Every hero needs their legendary weapon, whether it’s the Fighter’s Greatsword, Ranger’s Longbow or Wizard’s Staff. As gamers ourselves, we found that there was something distinctly… un-epic about rolling cheap, weightless plastic dice to represent these mighty artifacts. So, we decided to create a range of dice and gaming products that are worthy of a slot in any adventurer’s inventory. We keep ours in our Bag of Holding, right next to the Deck of Many Things…
DOUBLE D20 Set: Specifically designed with D&D 5E in mind, we’ve included an extra d20 in all our sets so that you can gain advantage on your foes and become the envy of your party. However, our dice work perfectly for other role playing game systems like Pathfinder, earlier editions of Dungeons and Dragons and most wargames. This set includes two d20s, alongside the usual d12, d10, d00, d8, d6 and d4 – after all, as all proper RPG players know, there is always room for more dice.
HIGH DEFINITION NUMBERS: Nothing slows down a game like having to squint at your dice to work out what you’ve just rolled. Hexblade RPG dice are designed with readability in mind (including underscored 6s and 9s), to allow you to throw down a handful of dice and instantly know the results. Your character doesn’t have to pop their glasses on to attack that goblin/bandit/inappropriately friendly bard, so why should you?
QUALITY CRAFSTMANSHIP: Our metal dice are forged by ancient dwarven blacksmiths in the arcane fires of the Forbidden Mountain… well, not quite. However, they are made from specially selected high-quality materials, with precision crafting and painting to ensure accurate and fair rolling, unparalleled durability (no chips or scratches) and a satisfyingly weighty feel.
THE IDEAL GIFT FOR D&D FANS: Each of our dice sets comes in a colour coordinated metal presentation box, with the individual dice nestled snugly in a protective foam cocoon. The ideal gift for any D&D enthusiast or tabletop RPG fanatic, whether they are just starting out on their adventure or are a grizzled veteran of many a campaign.

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