Pipe DÉCOR Industrial Pipe Shelf Brackets 4 Pack, Authentic Plumbing Pipe & Fittings, Wall Mounted Double Flange…

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SET OF FOUR INDUSTRIAL PIPE SHELF BRACKETS, 8 INCH: Incorporate the industrial aesthetic into any home, garage, workshop or office. A perfect blend of convenience and fashion, these rustic farmhouse style shelf brackets add a modern DIY appeal anywhere. The chic charm of industrial shelving adds eye-catching style to your home and is sure to spark some interesting conversation. Your family, friends, and guests will love the new look. This set does not include wood.
MAKE A STATEMENT WITH SOME VINTAGE PIPE DÉCOR. Restore and repurpose a wooden plank and use the shelves to display photos, antique keepsakes, plants and other decoration pieces. Hang wall mounted shelves in your bedroom closet, laundry room, bathroom, den, kitchen, family room, or dining room. Achieve a custom DIY feel with authentic malleable iron pipe. It looks great with all types of wood and can be painted to match color schemes or clear coated neutral black or gray.
MADE WITH HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE INDUSTRIAL PIPE FITTINGS. You will know Pipe Décor parts and accessories when you hold them. Beauty and beast. Strength and style. This is real industrial pipe for your decoration and designs. Accept no substitutes. Extra pieces and accessories are available for your custom fixture projects and expansions. Plug and play as desired. Manufacturer part number 365 128LGBRKT.
BUILD FUNCTIONAL CONTEMPORARY FLAIR. This kit comes with everything you need to assemble your new pipe shelf bracket set plus step-by-step illustrated instructions. Iron pipe fits a surprising number of looks and aesthetics: steampunk lighting, industrial decor, factory, French country farmhouse, vintage, retro, reclamation, DIY customized, exposed heating and cooling and water piping.
THIS SIZE ADDED BY CUSTOMER REQUEST: 8 inch size added due to customer requests. Set includes four wall shelf brackets. Constructed from industrial grade malleable iron fittings; standard industrial steel grey color known as “black” in the plumbing industry. Cleaning and sealing required prior to use. Set includes: (4) 1/2 inch flange; (4) 1/2 inch X 8 inch pipe connector; (4) 1/2 inch cap and mounting hardware. Measures 3″ H x 3″ W x 8.5″ D. Limited warranty.

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