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Steampunk Vintage Luminous Roman Letters Skeleton Mechanical Pocket Watch with Chain

$22.99 (as of 18 April, 2019, 11:12 am)

Steampunk Vintage Luminous Roman Letters Skeleton Mechanical Pocket Watch with Chain

$22.99 (as of 18 April, 2019, 11:12 am)

Unique Mechanical Hand-wind Steampunk Display Luminous Dail Pocket Watch
Mechanical hand-wound movement(Magnetic field / temperature and impact will affect the accuracy of the watch, Daily manual winding and adjustment can reduce the deviation), and no need to use battery.
Elegant appearance: skeleton design, insight to the movement, Skeleton Luminous Dial Case,Best gift to your lover, Partner, family, friends, classmates, colleagues Xmas gift

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This retro steampunk machanical men pocket watches using gear hollow cover looks cool. Perfit size and suitable weight is perfit to wear not only as a user-friendly clock but also as timely fashion accessories. There’s no discolouration of the metal anywhere for black color. Please notice that the gold one could fade as time goes by. It could fits in a top or a trouser pocket and it is a great adornment for any waistcoat or suit as a dressing up pocket watch.
Packing list:
Pocket watch *1
Chain * 1
Gift Box * 1

Please Note: 1.When you use the product, Please take off the white plastic clip in the middel of crown button.
2.This vitange watch is not waterproof, please do not wear it taking shower, swimming and so on
3.Sometimes, if the front cover do not close, please clockwise the crown and then close the cover. Normally, it could close. If do not or you have any other misunderstanding, please contact us.
4.If you love it enough, you could collect it.
5.As each computer’s display configuration is different, the product color, please prevail in kind.
How to set time?
You could pull the crown away from the base of the watch and turn the crown clockwise until reaching the exact time, then press the crown back to its original position.

How to use the mechanic pocket watch?
A hand-wound mechanical watch needs a steady stream of power to keep time going. It needs winding fully once a day to keep it running. In order to clock working full daily, we recommended to wind up in the morning.
You just wind up the watch crown clockwise rotation about 25-30 turns.(Please NOTE: when winding-up do not pull up the crown & not too tight, avoid damaging the movement.)
It is a self automatic pocket watch, you also shake the clock to keep it run. (Please Note Because we cannot guess the shake power, you just shake it, this may not make the clock uninterrupted.

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