Steampunk, Vol. 2: The Soundtrack to G.D. Falksen’s Novel The Hellfire Chronicle



STEAMPUNK is a two-volume soundtrack to G.D. Falksen’s novel THE HELLFIRE CHRONICLES: BLOOD IN THE SKIES. This musical compilation represents the combined work of some of the top steampunk bands and musicians across the world, who have come together to provide you with the perfect music to listen to when reading BLOOD IN THE SKIES! Contents: Glory (Blood in the Skies Mix), by The Clockwork Dolls Goggles, by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing The Cruel Intentions Of Time, by The Wet-Glass RO Railroad Track, by Imaginary Airship The Man Who Learnt To Fly, by Tom Slatter Blood in the skies, by Victor Sierra Smoke & Mirrors, by GHOSTFIRE Eveen, by Life’s Decay Until the End, by Escape The Clouds Savior of the Skies, by The Cog is Dead Zeppelins, by The Absinthe Drinkers Chapter One of The Hellfire Chronicles: Blood In The Skies, read by the author

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