Steampunk Wars: Beyond the Rim (Windrider Chronicles)

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ATTENTION STEAMPUNK FANS: If you’re looking for a dystopian adventure with a gritty heroine, airship battles and lost treasure, this is the book for YOU!BUT FIRST A WARNING…This story is PACKED with page-turning scenes. So if you love science fiction, you may not be able to put it down.When you buy Steampunk Wars, you’ll enjoy the following timeless science fiction elements the steampunk genre is known for:- Victorian style speech and dress- Airships and dirigibles- Modified weapons- A plucky crew of diverse characters- A dystopian adventure into the unknown- Ancient ruins- Monsters and alchemy- Lost treasure – Legends of Atlantis…AND SO MUCH MORE!Below is a just a taste of the story you’re going to get:Anna Windrider is a gritty airship captain looking for opportunity and adventure. The crew of the Evangeline is in desperate need of coin. While searching for work at the Air Harbors, Anna is approached by Sir Earnest Walmsley, founder of Atlantis. The famous explorer is leading an expedition to find a lost city, and offers her a job to transport his team beyond the Rim. Despite her reservations, Anna cannot resist the call to adventure. Little does she know, dark forces are plotting against her.Not only will Anna’s world be turned upside down, but she will be forced to make a decision that will affect every man, woman, and child in the Empire.Within this steampunk dystopian adventure, you’ll find airships, dirigibles, air harbors, Victorian-era speech, style, design and clothing. Not to mention the pirates, explorers, automatons, alchemy, modified weapons, monsters, ancient ruins, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

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