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Treeweto Steampunk Skeleton Mechanical Copper Fob Retro Pocket Watch

$59.19 (as of 18 April, 2019, 11:16 am) $25.99


Treeweto Steampunk Skeleton Mechanical Copper Fob Retro Pocket Watch

$59.19 (as of 18 April, 2019, 11:16 am) $25.99

SPECIAL DESIGN – Vintage bronze engraved case, unique magnifying glass design helps you read the time more easily. The skeletal inner dial shows off the gears and inner workings of the watch at all times. Its automatic movement winds with the movement of your arm.
HIGH QUALITY: Precise jewel mechanical movement,means flawless attention to time.17-jewel mechanical self-winding movement with an eye-catching skeleton dial and roman numerals,looks retro and elegant.
AUTOMATIC MOVEMENT: Power this watch by automatically winding the crown, which tightens the mainspring and stores energy in order to keep the movement running smoothly. Estimated power reserve for this movement is 24 hours, hand wind the watch daily to maintain accuracy.

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Case/Chain material:Alloy
Case diameter:45mm
Chain Length:38mm (Hook included)
Case Thinkness:12mm

How to use/set mechanical pocket watch ?

Once you receive the mechanical watch:

A. Setting time
Pull the crown away from base of the watch and turn the crown clockwise until reaching the exact time.

B. Winding the watch
Push the crown back into place along the base of the watch and winding up the watch
clockwise rotation with 30-40 turns. The power will be full(Over winding will ultimately break the spring). Do this one time each day (before sleeping). Otherwise, it will stop working. Please do not over winding up the watch if you feel the crown is tight.

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