UGears Locomotive with Tender 3D Wooden Model Self Assembling Best Adult and Teens Gift Price: $76.90 (as of 02/12/2021 00:19 PST- Details)

FEATURES: It is well detailed by showing the process of how the valve and piston transfer power to the locomotive engine by the use of a rubber band and gear system
HIGH-QUALITY: The UGears Locomotive is built with an eye towards adventure, realism, and romance. It packs the not to be forgotten magical symbols of the 19th Century with its alluring tales of unending fantasy. UGears 460 Locomotive with Tender is an original and welcome gift
EASY TO BUILD: This UGears Locomotive with Tender 3D Wooden Model is built to operate in the same way that the mechanical steam engine operates

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Locomotive with tender UGEARS 460 accommodated all the technical solutions applied in the previous models. Its extravagant view with many gears inside, represents the whole period of 19th century engineering. Time when advanced countries competed, whose locomotive is bigger, more powerful and more solid. In the locomotives of that time were used the maximum achievements of progress. This model is the largest one, rich for details, so to say “the most fancy” from the entire range of UGEARS mechanical models. To show how the locomotive works you should switch a lever on the top of the cabin in one of three positions. In the neutral position you can roll a model and see the moving of the pistons and the drawbars on wheels. In the «forward» and «back» special ratchets on the large rubber engine starts working. Pre-blocking the transmission to the wheels by lever near the driver’s window, you can start a model with the key, which is located behind the cabin. In the cabin of the locomotive you can open doors and upper hatch. Inside you can see the driver space and some equipment. Just below the cabin door there is a retractable ladder. We tried to create such locomotive where valve and piston can operate as much realistic and asynchronously as it is possible. They open view of the model allows to understand the principle of the steam inlet into the chamber of the steam engine locomotives. This complex and beautiful machine, made entirely of wood materials, without glue, creates an unforgettable impression. Steam train is gathered step by step with very detailed colored instructions. All the details are already cut and you need just remove them from the board. At first, gather some units such as wheel base, housing, gears and then they are transformed into a ready-made model. Locomotive size: 12*3.9*4.9in (315*100*125mm) Tender size: 6.3*3.5*4.5in (160*90*115mm) Package size: 14.6*6.7*1.5in (37*17*4cm) Number of components: 480
The UGEARS 460 Locomotive with Tender combines all of the technical and artistic innovations that builders have come to appreciate in our other models and takes them a step beyond.
Richly detailed with an eye toward realism and romance, our version of this indelible symbol of 19th century technology and adventure captures the imagination of all who see it. It’s no wonder it was such a hit during our Kickstarter campaign.
It brings unforgettable times of working together on projects that are engaging for people of all ages. Video will give you a quick overview of our model.
The UGEARS 460 Locomotive with Tender is an original and welcome gift.
You need no glue to put UGEARS models together, which makes watching it working and moving even more exciting.

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