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wooden 3D puzzle
Mechanical puzzle
Ukrainian Gears



· Model’s unique design: Give people what they want: The feel of real motion mechanics that they can build and bring to action by themselves. Some models are sophisticated versions of real-life mechanisms, while others bring to life the imaginative, elegant and even whimsical designs of the artists. · Simple assembly: No glue needed. They can be assembled at home, right on your dining room table. All you need are your own two hands, patience and assembly instructions. · Eco-friendly wood materials: Wooden models will last for years and the constructions can be recycled with no harm to the environment. · High quality: All UGEARS models are made from high-quality plywood boards, using precision-cut parts. Utilize a high-accuracy, laser cut method to ensure quality. The detailed step-by-step instructions are included with each kit. · Educational aspect: Models help people to understand the principles of mechanics, through the self-assembly of motion models. They also contribute to developing logical thinking, enhancing attention and concentration skills as well as improving attention to detail skills. We supply schools, learning stores, and home-school coops. Our focus are toys with an educational component. Our mission is to show that learning is fun and that expanding the mind is the greatest gift one can share.
UGears Mechanical Models are self-propelled, mechanical wooden model assemble kits.
Tram Depot with a gate & Turntable where the tram drives in to prepare for the next trip according to the route timetable. The depot is also equipped with a Turntable for turning the tram 180 degrees for the next trip. There is a special “tongue” on the rails of the turntable which stops the tram in the locked position, disengages after the turn of the turntable allowing the tram to move on to the return route. The stairs are removable & can be placed on any part of the platform.
Footbridge – the pedestrian crossing – is made in the shape of arches & set across the tracks. It can also be set at a crossroads, cars can pass under the arches. +10 parts & characters to interact with: straight & radius tracks with junctions, street lamps, a Gentleman, a Young Inventor, a beautiful Stranger, an Ice-cream Seller, a sheriff on the horse, a Factory Worker & News-Boy Tram Stop on the platform complete with a clock, a bench, little stairs & a Ticket Kiosk.
Self-propelled Tram Car is equipped with an overhead pantograph to switch “drive” mode and a knob to open and close the doors. Wind-up the tram car and watch it move on the rails, entering the Depot. After making a 180 degree turn on the turntable, it moves on its own to the end of the line. There is no electricity inside: just gears, wheels, cranks, a rubber band engine and tons of fun! Number of parts: 598 Estimated time of assembly: 12 hours
These designs are inspired by real-life mechanisms. The team believes that building these beautiful working models should be fun. They have dedicated their engineering know-how, meticulous product testing and quality control to a single goal: Ensuring that the models provide an engaging and rewarding experience for the whole family.

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