Steampunk Altered Art Mixed Media Wooden Palette -For Sale-

Hi guys! I know this is a shorter video, but then I described the process and the materials for you.

Materials of

1 wooden palette of the artist.
Harlequin TCW template
TCW chicken wire template
TCW brick template
Modeling paste- white
Gesso black

Clipboard used from the collection of creative steampunk scrapbook adornments 2
Square gear frame
Gear shape / wing / dress
Roman numerals clock with gears

Other ornaments:
Various metal gears in different shapes / sizes.
Mulberry paper flowers, 4 large, 5 small.

Mod podge
Homemade texture paste (I used this to attach larger flowers and ornaments)
2 metallic pieces of filigree, a circular piece, a heart

Jacquard lumiere metallic paint in copper, bronze and gold.

Raw oxide paste in brown, red and gold oxide.

I started by placing my templates with the texture paste where I wanted them.

Then I pasted the lace with some mod podge.

Then I painted everything with gesso in black.

Then I put where I wanted my clipboard, flowers and gears and pasted them with texture paste and sticky glue.

I covered them all again in gesso.

Then I checked everything with my metallic paints to give everything a metal look and then I cleaned the oxide paste to give it a rusty and working look.

I had a lot of fun doing this piece! Subscribe to see more projects soon and if you want to see more Steampunk stuff on my part like this video, and leave your video suggestions in the comments.

This piece is available for purchase in my Etsy store below.

Source: Craftingwithmoose

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