Steampunk Design: Reimagining Resilience | Bruce Rosenbaum | TEDxFultonStreet

At the intersection of Art, History, Design and Technology, there is a growing band called Steampunk. With devotees spanning genres and generations, the Steampunk movement visually speculates on what the world might be like if modern technology existed during the rise of Victorian aesthetics. It also awakens something special in the minds of many, as Bruce Rosenbaum explains.

Bruce Rosenbaum, nicknamed the “Steampunk Guru” by the Wall Street Journal and the “Steampunk Evangelist” by WIRED magazine, has quickly become an authority on Steampunk art and design through his company, ModVic. Bruce and his wife Melanie transformed their own house into the well-known “Steampunk House”.

His work is recognized in a popular and immediate way in The Steampunk House, the house restored by the future of him and his wife Melanie, who has performed on HGTV, A & E, Discovery and MTV. Steampunk House has been profiled in Victorian Homes Magazine, Boston Magazine, Green Builder Magazine, Retro Magazine and Gear Technology Magazine.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but organized independently by a local community. Get more information at

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