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Steampunk Spoon Pendant, Art Nouveau Bracelet Projects from B’sue Boutiques

This video explores two simple projects … perfect for jewelry makers of all abilities because they open up possibilities. The steampunk spoon is a funny little thing in which you can work with our findings … or some that you have! Rusty black brass is something amazing; this finish can not be reproduced at home due to the oven-resistant copper base layer, this must be done professionally. I have simply anguished him and, although I did not do it in the video, I would also want to seal any place where I was distressed. I recommend Krylon spray lacquer, mate … but anyone will do it. Again, regarding the use of tools: I know that sometimes I am slow and clumsy, but my motto is that, while you work with care and security, whatever works, works. You can always look for a finer technique here on You Tube, but in the long run, my file here worked, as well as the use of wolf pliers and metal scissors … and, again and again. I hope you have fun with this video and that the projects inspire you to use your findings in a totally new way and explore new ways. The SKUs for the products I used are mentioned at the END of the video. You will find all the materials in *** B & 39;s the same as if you were here, visiting me. Have a great day! .

Source: B’Sue Boutiques

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