SteamPunk Style for Acid Drop – The Art of Victorian Futurism

Acid Drop Rome, Sale of T-shirts, Bijoux, Poster, Costume jewelery, Paintings, Oil Paintings. Via del Moro 14 – Rome Trastevere. Video: Production.

The Steampunk style is essentially a science fiction review of multiple historical periods (mainly from the Victorian era), implemented with the recycling and reuse of any type of material to create clothes, furniture, objects, jewelry and armaments of the scene. The underlying philosophy is that people&39;s souls are also in the things they surround and use, so they are systematically desecrated myths and mental schemes, to return them to the fantasy world that created them. The mind, in fact, works to obtain fantastic images and our life can not pass without its reflection without seriously disassociating itself from its nature … which is mythological … as attested by stories handed down over centuries, legends and myths .. … Of everything that is similar to the four corners of the globe … always … and that constitute the Soul of the world … of what we are made of. (Carlo Anibaldi)

Source: Carlo Anibaldi

Steampunk Web

I like everything related to the Steampunk and industrial lifestyle. With this web I would like to put at your disposal all kinds of products related to this topic that you find in the big Internet markets. As well as history, anecdotes and everything possible related to this lifestyle!

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