Unique Steampunk Metal Art Metal sculpture “In search of Purpose ” from “Copper Cat Art Group”

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Today we present our new work, sculptural composition "In Search of the Purpose".

Today we present our new work, sculptural composition "In Search of the Purpose". If someone is paying attention to the fact that mysteriously metal parts are combined with details of ancient elements, which we used to see in common everyday themes, here comes the understanding: from the previous reflection of reality, the piece of art moved completely. New reality, which has nothing to do with the surrounding world.

So who is in front of us, a creature of steel with a body of fish, whale tail and nose, which looks like the beak of a bird prey? What is the meaning of the key? Is it endless searching for the answers to the eternal questions: "Who am I?", "What am I?", "Quo Vadis?" What&39;s inside a lock? Is it a knowledge of the answers that he originally hid within us? One just has to stop and the answers will be known. But, very badly, since our whole life is movement, movement in the search for answers, movement to find a Purpose.

… Take a closer look, listen, feel the connection of this world with other worlds, alternative and allegorical. And without a doubt, once, next to you they will begin to sing mechanical birds, the fin of the metal fish will shine on the sun. And in that moment, it can happen, you will understand something very important for you!

· Year: 2016
· Dimensions: 700x530x300 mm.
· Material: iron, steel

© Company "Copper Cat Art Group"

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Source: Copper Cat Art Group

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