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Ministry of peculiar occurrences

The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, with its head office situated at the core of the Empire, London, is here to explain these puzzling happenings that leave typical law implementation authorities confused.

Situated in a mystery area close to the waterway Thames, this is the Ministry that shields all nationals of the Empire from the mysterious, the paranormal and from mystery social orders set on cutting down Old Blighty.

We take just the best, the brightest and the most intrepid people from every one of the domains and stations of civilisation. They are here to ensure each one of the residents of the Empire from dangers that would frequent their fantasies… in the event that they however knew.

Steampunk adventures and espionage with Her Majesty’s Agents

Legacy Arts Gallery

Legacy Arts Gallery, Original paintings and mixed media works by Stella Hill, Christopher Furminger, all paintings available at Legacy Arts Gallery. This piece is titled “Lazers of a peacock space cadet” painting & collage, “Lullaby spider lover” painting & collage. Other works available by national & international artists in our Atomic August exhibition.

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