Steampunk goggles


Sunglasses, aviator lenses and Steampunk monocles

When it comes to any kind of steampunk style, there are some features you simply cannot do without. And glasses are definitely one of them!

As an iconic movement of the element, they’re a must-have accent that no self-respecting steampunk character should be without. And at SteampunkWeb, we let you choose from many different styles, to make sure your own glasses say something great about your steampunk alter-ego.

Some might wonder, though, why glasses are so important to a steampunk. The part comes down to the industrial, steam-driven roots of the style.

In a world where steam is the key to most energy, glasses help protect your eyes. Goggles are also a sign of a craftsman and a mechanic, and steampunk technology is often about ingenuity and intriguing mechanics.

When it comes to style, our goggles come in many shapes and sizes, from padded and sealed goggles to open design goggles.

That’s why some have wings or studs with gears and accents for that extra touch, while others have colored lenses that are perfect for altering the way you perceive the world and the way others perceive you.

Still others are made of plastic and others are made of metal – read each individual description to find out what your favorite glasses are made of. If you are planning to wear a steampunk outfit, then you better not forget your glasses.

And if you don’t have a pair, SteampunkWeb offers you a wide variety, as our selection will surely include something to suit your tastes and needs.

The largest variety of Steampunk glasses and monocles

Glasses and monocles are not just for vision correction; long ago, gentlemen of status used them as stylish accessories. And now, SteampunkWeb brings you a selection of glasses and monocles, so you can do the same. Our monocles are based on an antique and classic design that replicates the pieces used by the nobility of a bygone era. They are an elegant and intriguing accessory to add to any Victorian or Steampunk costume, serving to add a subtle touch of class that is difficult to achieve with any other accessory.

That’s why our glasses add their own touch of style, helping to create an academic, polite look that’s almost unmatched. And perhaps the best part about our eyewear is that it’s all very affordably priced; almost everyone has money in their budget for at least one of our attractive eyewear. And don’t worry, none of our steampunk glasses will spoil your vision; every monocle and every pair of glasses is quality.


Atomic Ray Steampunk Glasses

These Atomic Ray Steampunk eyewear are the epitome of style and protection, fused into one eyewear package. These goggles are the perfect way to protect your eyes from the harsh environment of Steampunk, while still looking stylish.

Black Cybersteam Goggle

What was once a mere fantasy is now a reality! With these Black Cyberstream glasses, you’ll be ready to navigate even in cyberspace, while making sure your eyes are fully protected in a technologically awesome way.

Radioactive Aviator Glasses

If you suspect that the danger is close, then you must ensure your own safety with all the necessary safeguards. To protect your eyes, there is nothing better than this pair of Black Radioactive Aviator Goggles.

Gold Steampunk Goggles

There’s a universal accessory that goes well with virtually any Steampunk style, and that accessory is the glasses. Gold Steampunk eyewear is designed for a neo-Victorian industrial style that combines looks and protection in one ideal accessory.

Red Steampunk Glasses

In a world where the rules of steam apply, glasses are not only a fashion statement, but also a safety feature that all citizens need. And these Steampunk Red Glasses are the necessary accessory that any Steampunk citizen would choose to protect their eyes.

Claus Steampunk Eyewear

Don’t be fooled by the title, as Claus Steampunk eyewear is an amazing non-prescription eyewear choice that looks great with a wide assortment of different styles, helping to add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Gas Steampunk Goggles

Most post-apocalyptic environments are quite harsh and unforgiving, so make sure you equip yourself with the gas masks for costumes. These goggles are ideal for adding authenticity to any dystopian or steampunk outfit.

Cybersteam Monocle

Although it could be called an eye patch, it is actually something else. It is rarely necessary to protect a single eye, which means that the Cyberstream eye patch is more of an intriguing and clever adornment that can serve a variety of purposes.

Monocle with Skull

Historically, the monocle has acted as a corrective lens and a class addition to any gentleman’s outfit. And this Gentlemans Skull Monocle is no different, with a classic design that is perfect for any appropriate outfit.

Gold Aviator Steampunk Glasses

These Gold Aviator glasses are perfect replicas of the original glasses worn, years ago, by some of the greatest war pilots in history. Vintage in style, these goggles are a great addition to any pilot’s look.

Gold Steampunk Monocle

A monocle was originally a single corrective lens designed for one eye. They also became an elegant accessory at one time. Now, the handsome Victorian gentleman or lady can have his own Golden Monocle for an extra air of sophistication.

Gold Steampunk Monovision

You will find that this intriguing accessory serves a wide variety of purposes. The Gold Steampunk Monovision is part monocle and part eye patch, covering one eye with an industrial style patch that is equipped with a clear lens.

Rainbow Steampunk Glasses

The eyes are very important and must be protected at all times, especially when flying through the air. When you’re flying, go wild with these rainbow goggles to perfectly accentuate your style.

Golden Gothic Monocle

A monocle was a single corrective lens that became a popular accessory for the discerning knights of the Victorian era. With the Neo-Victorian style of Steampunk, you can wear your own elegant Steampunk Golden Monocle.

Vintage Industrial Eyewear

What these glasses lack in appearance, they more than make up for in robust design. These industrial glasses are the perfect choice for a Steampunk citizen who wants a pair of glasses that are simple, comfortable and effective.

Industrial Radioactive Eyewear

It seems that even a Steampunk configuration is not free of toxic waste. These Industrial Radioactive Goggles are the best form of protection that any citizen of Steampunk could ask for when it comes to glasses that protect your eyes.

Machinist’s Glasses

A true engineer understands how important it is to protect your eyes from dangers, whether from steam or moving parts. And that’s why any intrepid Steampunk engineer should never be caught without his or her Machinist’s Goggles.

Green Radioactive Aviator Glasses

When you’re walking through a nuclear wasteland, life can seem pretty grim. Cheer up, protect your eyes from the dusty desert winds and accessorize in style when you wear the green Radioactive Aviator Goggles.

Gothic Teacher Goggles

These glasses are a subtle touch that adds a lot of character to a variety of suits and outfits. Especially with these teacher’s glasses, they’re perfect for adding a smart, well-informed look.

Silver Aviator Eyewear

These Silver Aviator glasses are perfect replicas of the original glasses worn, years ago, by some of the greatest fighter pilots in history. Vintage in style, these glasses are a great addition to any pilot’s look.


Where to buy Steampunk glasses?

Our products are available in a multitude of select styles, and the ones we have fit well with almost any look. So if you want to add a touch of class, education and refinement to your look, whether it’s Victorian, Steampunk or medieval, then you can’t go wrong with a good monocle or a good pair of glasses.

Sunglasses or not, more steampunk style

You well know that a Steampunk design glasses is different from everything that has been seen so far in frames. They’re lenses that are inspired by the lenses of airline pilots… only for an old planet ahead of its time!

The bigger the frame, the more attractive they are, and the more people notice them. If you’ve ever seen a movie starring a Steampunk character, you’ll have seen that he usually wears his glasses on his head, a top hat or hanging from his neck… and that gives a cool look that absolutely nobody will dare to mess with!

Steampunk design aviator glasses?

You are the one who must select the genre of Steampunk style glasses that will best match the clothes you plan to wear. We can only give you a small guide of what you can buy in the market.

The most common ones are quite easy, with a wide frame of hard plastic, and a touch of wear, to give it a vintage look. With a flexible band, it would be like taking a pair of glasses to the beach.

Now, if you want to be a person who stands out among everyone you know and who likes this fashion, buy a lens with a thick plastic edge, and with certain details. As an example, spikes, some ornament or that the glass seems to be broken, which will give it an even more aged and retro look.

If your steampunk suit has a top hat, you can wear the glasses attached to it, so you can opt for a slightly but thick and attractive model. Absolutely no one will dare to mess with you!

Get your round, vintage lenses at SteampunWeb

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