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At SteampunkWeb we have a large selection of toys and collectibles. All of them are ideal to decorate your home, office or to use them as stage accessories.

These collectibles and home decor items are made of quality materials and are very affordable. If you are decorating your new room or space, or just looking for some unique steampunk style pieces, you are in the right place!

That’s why in our store we have a great selection of toys that include inventions, gents, masks, footballs, glasses and gadgets. We have medieval and Lord of the Rings functional and smokable pipes for your leisure time and steampunk banners and pennants to decorate your walls.

You will also find puzzles, legos, vintage cars, books and dvds to learn about steampunk history or make your own object.

Need something for your dishes or to take to a steampunk fair, then visit our great selection of dishes. We have many more categories, but they are not in this category due to the large amount of products in them.

If you are interested in Robots, Gadgets, Fairies, Gargoyles, Machinery, Knights, and all other fantastic and Victorian things, this is the place to find them in our statues and figures section.

We also offer selections of nautical, Western and Wiccan decorations that are perfect for celebrating these distinctive subcultures. This category is also home to books, historical and fantasy coins, party ware, holiday decorations and much more.

So if you are looking for something to add to your décor, or if you need to make a gift, this is the place to look!

The largest collection of Steampunk toys

The history of Steampunk cannot be explained without mentioning the Victorian era of the 19th century. It is in this historical period that Steampunk’s inspiration is dated. The Victorian era was marked by major changes in society brought about by steam-powered industrialization. Much can be shown in clothing, costumes and with the use of toys and novelties.

That is why we have a wide range of these items. From masks and costumes and games to handicrafts, you will feel as if you were living in the 19th century. Get your inner Steampunk essence with these products. The only way to stand out from a crowd with a noble style is to make an extra effort, own your style and use accessories accordingly. Steampunk toys stand out for their fierce designs and shapes and their decorations. If your clothes seem to be losing the finishing touch, try Steampunk Ministry toys and take your style to a whole new level.


Steampunk blunderbuss

When a firearm is needed, true professionals turn to Colonel J. Fizziwigs’ collection to provide the right balance between style and power. This Steampunk gun combines form and function into the ideal gun for dealing with dangerous situations. With a comfortable, grooved grip, this gun fits perfectly in either hand.

Steampunk Gear Wheel

You won’t find many steampunk gadget stores on the web. This is because it is not easy to find steampunk gadgets on the web. I mean, you will find several steampunk handmade items and things like that, but maybe they don’t exactly fit the definition of a steampunk gadget.

Steampunk mask

The Gold Steampunk Monocle Phantom Mask adds the perfect touch to the role of the eccentric inventor. His genius is not limited to the creation of rarities, but also to style, as all his accessories are equipped with useful gadgets. For example, this version of the classic half mask has some impressive modifications.

Steampunk Latex Mask

Do you yearn for revenge against Ronan the Accuser after seeing the Guardians of the Galaxy? If so, then consider dressing up as Drax the Destroyer at your next event in the fantastic Adult Drax the Destroyer Mask! This three-quarter mask allows you to wear the gray face of this member of the Guardians while seeking revenge on Ronan the Accuser.

Steampunk Helmet Glasses

Transforming the character of the traditional court art comedy buffoon into a mechanical figure, the Golden Steampunk buffoon mask offers a striking but somewhat mysterious look for your next masked ball costume. This court jester mask lacks the traditional smiling mouth, and instead covers the space with industrial tubes. Additional mechanical pieces, puzzle pieces and studs further decorate the costume mask.

Gothic Mask 1762

No matter what universe you reside in, you can expect to see a doctor’s interpretation of the plague in every masquerade. Even the counterculture has taken this mysterious messenger and turned him into the mask of Victorian Doctor Masquerade. Infused with historical elements and steampunk, this mask houses a hardened false suede built in the plague doctor’s iconic beak shape.

Steampunk Mask

The world of steampunk has touched a wide range of cultures and people, from Victorian England to Venice, Italy. Now you can be a fashionable Italian watch when you add the Neo-Venetian Half Mask to your mask set! Constructed of hardened polyester, this mask houses classic Venetian mask construction paired with stunning Neo-Victorian elements for an unprecedented look that few have ever believed possible!

Golden Steampunk Mask

Inspire visions of Victorian laboratories, steam-powered gadgets and life-sized automatons with the Terminator Gold Steampunk Mask. Whether for a masquerade or a theatrical production, this accessory completes your look. The half-mask covers the right side of the face and nose and then arches over the left eye. The mesh hides the right eye, while the corrugated hose follows the left eyebrow.

Steampunk garter belt

Steampunk fashion finds the perfect mix between flirty and elegant with this stylish league. The Steampunk Cylinder League has a lace ruffle around its bottom edge along with several bullet cylinders for decoration. The garter comes in two styles – the first with light brown and gold cylinders and the second in dark brown and black with silver cylinders.

Steampunk Mask

Reveal a preference for gears and gadgets over feathers and lace with the Gold Steampunk Monocle eye mask. This take on the traditional mask clearly belongs to an era that values the power of steam and mind-blowing gadgets. Just look at the monocle that covers his right eye and the mechanical parts that splash on his face.

Steampunk Disbacanal Gun

Dull and showing signs of wear, the old gun was displayed in the airmen’s office, recalling his previous life as a privateer. Display this 6-gun Steampunk gun and dream of adventures in the ether. This non-functional gun replica is made of cold-cast bronze. It has been hand-painted in gold, red and silver metallic tones along the metal accessories.

Steampunk Medallion Necklace

Despite being almost poles apart, nature and machine are often intertwined, resulting in strange but visually stunning combinations. The Steampunk butterfly gear necklace is such an amazing combination. This necklace suspends an antique metal medallion of clockwork gears that, by itself, would fit perfectly into a Neo-Victorian environment.

Steampunk Light Mask

The Silver Steampunk Ghost Mask will inspire visions of life-sized automatons, steam artifacts and eccentric inventors when they dazzle the crowd at a masked ball or captivate the audience during a stage performance. This version of the traditional ghost mask includes some smart enhancements.

Copper Steampunk Goggles

No one wants the wind to blow into their eyes while they are out in a hot air balloon. Make sure you’re prepared for all your adventures around the world with a stylish and functional accessory like the Studded Steampunk Goggles. The dark lenses of these goggles are surrounded by studs on the eyepieces.

Lego Himber Steampunk

One of the most beautiful aircraft to adorn the skies has finally emerged from the distant clouds. This is the long-awaited Skytanic, built by Markus Ronge and alluded to on its equally epic Maersk dock, which appeared in The Brothers Brick last week.

Keyboard Steampunk

Increase your hipster level tenfold by connecting the steampunk keyboard to your computer. This beautifully crafted custom keyboard employs a vintage style that features a quality wood base complemented by a genuine leather surface.


Where to buy Steampunk toys?

Steampunk likes the small pieces that come together to form colossal structures. But also, in those small pieces, there is the magic needed to obtain state-of-the-art technology: From laser cannons to steam submarines. Everything is possible in the Steampunk universe.

That’s why we can be happy with Steampunk toys. Not only are they fun to play with, but they also have this amazing look that will make your child look back at the toy store just to say: I want that! Why is this? Because it’s full of brass, tin, coils and gears everywhere! Anyone passing by could say that these are the most advanced devices ever made… And why is that? Because that is, in fact, steampunk: it’s the ability to create great technologically advanced material through steam and mechanical upgrades.