What are we playing this week? #46 (Steampunk Games)

Steampunk Games #46 – Contrary to what you may believe, slapping gears and smoke stacks to everything doesn’t make it Steampunk. But these games do a very fine job of making you dream of an anachronistic age of nutty technology.

Steampunk Web

I like everything related to the Steampunk and industrial lifestyle. With this web I would like to put at your disposal all kinds of products related to this topic that you find in the big Internet markets. As well as history, anecdotes and everything possible related to this lifestyle!

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  1. Navy

    Steampunk games? Meh, give me some futuristic cyberpunk action any day!

  2. Alaia Solis

    Steampunk games are cool, but I prefer playing as a cyborg ninja pirate astronaut!

    1. Alani

      Well, thats quite the combination youve got there. Cant say Ive ever come across a cyborg ninja pirate astronaut game, but hey, to each their own. Steampunk games have their own charm though, cant deny that.

  3. Vihaan

    Steampunk games are cool, but I prefer futuristic sci-fi ones. Anyone else feel the same?

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