Real Steampunk Rhino Beetle Insect Taxidermy Display Shadow Box

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A 5″x5″ black wood shadow box frame secures a a real beetle insect inside with vintage watch parts. Very unique! All insects come from preservation farms and lived a full life. They were not harmed in any way for our artwork. Information cards will be included to learn more. Makes a great conversational piece! Real butterfly wings are used after living a full life and preserved into unique, one of a kind, handmade jewelry pieces that are perfect for the bug lover in your life. The beauty of insects and nature come together providing a great conversation starter and a unique, recycled gift, or jewelry for your personal collection. Women love butterflies so you can’t go wrong buying this as a gift especially for those who are hard to shop for. Asana Natural Arts produces high quality fashion and fine jewelry items that are handmade in USA. Purchasing our butterfly jewelry supports handmade artists in the USA and the preservation farms which are environmentally friendly and protects the butterflies natural environment. All our butterflies and moths come from preservation farms and lived a full life. An info card about the insect species and preservation farm process will be included to learn more. Our handmade jewelry makes a great anniversary gift, birthday gift, gift for her, Mother’s Day gift, Valentine’s gift, Christmas gift, or just a gift for a friend! This is colorful jewelry, bright jewelry, unique jewelry, handmade jewelry, unique sterling silver jewelry, and recycled jewelry. Asana Natural Arts uses all real butterfly wings and nature items to create one of a kind art pieces, thanks for looking! Please note each item turns out a little differently due to working with real nature items.

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